Join "Motion for the Ocean" (March for Ocean) #M4O June 9th - Register now!

Motion for the Ocean (March for the Ocean) #M4O

What is M4O?

On June 9th, people around the globe will send one simple, clear message: Oceans are Important.  Sea Save Foundation is a keystone sponsor for this international event. 

Why is M4O Important?

Oceans are in trouble.  Overfishing, pollution, warming, acidification and poaching are a few issues we face. These insults do not recognize political boundaries. With a myriad of issues dominating headlines daily, we must raise our voices to say: "Ocean health must be a priority; without healthy oceans, life on earth is unsustainable."  
We must send a message to international government leaders:  Oceans are important and you must create, implement and enforce laws that will protect them. If you do not, new leaders will be elected who will.

Can I Join Sea Save Foundation?

Absolutely! Our leaders will be participating and/or hosting events around the world.  Join us, and hundreds of citizens, advocates, surfers, divers, celebrities, scientists, students, moms and dads. Come out and meet team members and show that you care enough to be part of the movement.

What Else Can I Do?

Register your interest and tell us how you are celebrating the oceans!

Simple things you could consider:

  • Wear BLUE!  This is a simple action that everyone can do.  Remember to select your favorite blue apparel to sport for the day. Or click here to buy a T-shirt designed for this day.
  • Join an organized march.
  • Host a beach, stream or park trash clean-up.
  • Coordinate a group of friends and SCUBA Dive.
  • Invite a group of friends for a bar-b-que and talk about ocean love and ocean challenges.
  • Let's flood social media with pictures! Show us your favorite underwater photos or post selfies from your celebrations.  Be sure to include the appropriate hashtags: #M4O #MotionFortheOcean #SeaSaveTweet #PlasticPollutionCoalition

The Tides are Rising and So are We!

Vote with your Actions! Join currently planned efforts, start your own event, or simply post your support on social media. Register now!