Send the Strong Message, “Straws Suck!”

According to CNN, Americans throw away 500 million straws per day, enough to circle the Earth twice.

Plastic straws contribute significantly to the growing problem of plastic pollution in our oceans.  Plastic does not degrade, and according to a study funded by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish unless we drastically change our habits and laws.

California legislators have voted to pass AB 1884 that would make it mandatory for consumers to ask for straws before receiving them.  This simple action would significantly cut down on the number of plastic straws used without any significant impact to business owners or the customers.  Consumers who still desire a straw will receive one by asking. Simple. No more plastic straws being mindlessly discarded without ever even being removed from their wrapper.  AB 1884 gives the consumer the opportunity to make a deliberate change that will collectively impact the challenge of plastic pollution.

Now AB 1884 is on Governor Brown's desk waiting to be signed.  Please urge him to sign this bill immediately to move forward in protecting our oceans.

Critical Action is Needed Today. This common sense bill which will curb the flood of plastic straws being discarded in California. Enter your information to take action now!